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You do well all day long and eat all the “right foods.” But when night comes, you somehow find yourself back on the old path to the cupboard or the refrigerator. It’s as if some psychological switch has been tripped. Sometimes you don't even notice that you're on the path - not until it's too late, and you've already consumed whatever it is that you go for at these times. After, you feel guilty and as if all the day’s efforts were in vein. It seems like a never-ending cycle that can’t be broken.

The good news is – the cycle can be broken. To stop the nighttime eating cycle, you need to ‘flip the switch.’ Psychological ‘switches' get turned on and off subconsciously. So if you want to change one, you need to make a change at the subconscious level. And by far the best, easiest and most effective way to do that is through guided meditation.

The Nourishing Ways’s “Nighttime Eating” MP3 provides powerful hypnotic suggestions that will transform the subconscious emotional patterns that have been holding in place that old behavior, and replace it with a naturally strong association of healthy eating at appropriate times - making nighttime eating a thing of the past.

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