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Have you ever thought you were in control - perhaps you were eating healthily and staying away from junk food, and then in a moment of weakness you eat a whole pizza or give in to temptation on your favorite junk food. While you’re doing it, you often times don’t let yourself think about it, but then immediately afterwards you feel worse than ever - like you have let yourself down.

Despite having the best of intentions and summing up all the willpower at your disposal, it is your thought processes, habits, and associations which you have built up over many years that end up sabotaging you in the end, causing you to overeat. The Nourishing Way’s "Put an End to Overeating" guided meditation targets these habits and associations stored in your subconscious mind. Its powerful hypnotic suggestions penetrate your subconscious mind naturally and rewire the way you approach food, directly altering your habits of eating and allowing you to take back control over food – and your waistline!

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