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Sugary foods are a big contributor to weight gain. Many manufactured foods have extra sugar added to them to make them super palatable, meaning you are likely to over-eat without trying. Generally these foods aren't nutritious and simply add to your fat reserves, without benefitting your muscles or organs. So your weight goes up - putting you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, rotting teeth and so on.

None of this is news to you. The question is - how can you break out of this vicious cycle, cut down your sugar intake, and start to lead a healthier, more emotionally stable life when the stuff tastes so darn good?

The answer is simple – guided meditation. Guided meditation can help you overcome sugar addiction by addressing the sugar craving right at the root - in the subconscious behavior patterns in your brain.

The Nourishing Way's “Stop Sugar Cravings” meditational MP3 provides powerful hypnotic suggestions that not only make it much easier for you to resist the appeal of sweet things and make a healthier choices, but it will also facilitate palate changes so that low sugar foods start to taste better to you than the sugar rich foods you had been typically drawn to. Get “Stop Sugar Cravings” today and leave your sweet tooth in the past!

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