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Are your nerves stretched to breaking point with stress and tension? Do you feel as if the very next little thing that goes wrong is going to send you over the edge? Sometimes life just gets too much for us. Whether it's a sudden deluge of major disasters, or the slow drip of steadily accumulating worries getting you down, there may be times when you feel like you could just explode.

And numerous studies have shown the harmful effect of stress on our weight. Especially that excess weight around our midline. 

While we are often unable to do anything about what we perceive to be the cause of our stress, what we are able to do is to change our internal response. The Nourishing Way’s "Stress Management" meditational MP3 can help you to do just that - manage your stress and banish the symptoms - allowing you to feel happier, calmer, and more relaxed. This powerful audio session provides hypnotic suggestions that enable you to master your own relaxation response - helping you reclaim your mind, body, and your entire life from the limiting grips of stress!

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