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What your life would be like if you weren’t constantly thinking about food – restricting food groups, weighing every ounce, counting calories and points, depriving yourself of almost anything good – and feeling resentful the whole time?

What relief you could feel if you could get rid of the guilt that comes along when you do eat the so-called ‘bad foods’, or better yet – silence the inner mean girl who constantly criticizes everything you eat?

What freedom you would have if you weren’t constantly controlled by food – you were no longer held hostage to cravings, overeating, binging, nighttime eating, or avoiding social situations with food?

How much brain power you would have if you didn’t constantly have to think about numbers – the number inside your yoga pants, the number of minutes you’ll have to walk to burn off that brownie you ate (who are we kidding – the 3 brownies you ate), the number of calories in that drab salad dressing, or the number on your scale (if you haven’t smashed it already for being such a liar!).


How will your life will be different once you get to your desired shape and size?


Simply put – your life will be A-A-A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! 



You've tried all the diets. You've done the extreme exercise routines. Maybe you've even tried fasting or simply starving yourself. So why aren't you able to lose weight and keep it off?

You already know that the strategies you’ve been using (such as dieting and punishing exercises) to overcome emotional eating, binge eating, overeating or to simply lose weight have not worked. And guess what – they never will. In fact, the very same tactics you have been trying may in fact be causing you to actually gain weight. Say what?!? Yup! Hard to believe - but it's true!


Losing weight doesn't have to be difficult or torturous.

After years of riding the diet rollercoaster, swallowing ‘magic’ diet pills and praying to the weight loss fairies – the Gods (aka Google, Facebook, Clubhouse and Pinterest) have answered your prayers and led you here. Why? So you can FINALLY end the senseless diet struggle.


As an Eating Psychology Coach, I can teach you the Dynamic Eating Principles, (that have nothing to do with restrictions or deprivation), that will help you overcome emotional eating, cravings and over eating and actually lose weight. 

Not only that, I can help you change your mindset to ensure life long success. As Mindset Coach I am an expert in changing habits and patterns - habits and patterns that are housed in your subconscious mind and contribute to your everyday behavior. I am not talking about woo-woo stuff. I am talking about scientifically proven neurological pathways that form your automatic thoughts, habits and patterns and beliefs.

 And just as habits and patterns assist you in your daily life, they can also cause you to sabotage your best efforts to change. And no matter how strong your willpower is – it is no match for your well-ingrained habits. They are neurologically hardwired into your brain.

See, and you thought that you were a willpower weakling!


But no need to fear. All hope is not lost. This is my area of expertise and what I thrive on. I have helped women from around the globe change their habits, develop a healthy relationship with food and have lasting weight loss success.

I look forward to teaching you these same techniques so you too can easily and effortlessly make the healthy lifestyle changes you want to make.

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